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xbox 360 status code 19-04-8000ffff?


It says content is not supported. why is this so?

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  1. Please add more information to your future questions.

    19-04-8000ffff is an error code that typically arises from trying to run a file with a format not supported by the Xbox 360. This is typically music, such as trying to play music with the.aac file format, a proprietary format by Apple, and Microsoft can’t include the software to play this or add it in a patch. It can also arise from trying to play a game with a different region format than your console is built for. If you are in the U.S., make sure your game is NTSC.

    To answer your question of ‘Why?’, its because your console simply can’t support it.

    If you edit the question with a bit more info on what you’re trying to do, I’ll add another answer with a better explanation/solution.

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