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Why is my ps3 slow?


Hi, I recently purchased an LCD 55″ HDTV and I am very pleased with the product. There is only one problem when it comes to connecting the SONY PlayStation 3 via HDMI. I noticed there is a slight response delay when I am playing or even before playing. This does not happen on an old standard TV. Is there a fix to this problem? Should i return the HDTV? Your help will be much appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. it depends on the tv hertz ratio and refresh rate if it will lag with a ps3 and picture quality and pixelization is reduced with a higher dynamic contrast ratio. some lcd TVs are slow ( a plasma or led is up to 12 times faster ). These are things to check if you want a tv primarily for gaming or movies , not so important for watching regular tv.

    if it’s a 60hz tv then running a ps3 game at 60 frames per second means the frames won’t refresh ( 60hz = 60fps ) , a 120hz hdtv will refresh each frame twice , 600hz 10 times etc. resulting in smoother and faster on screen action important in gaming or things like watching sports or action movies. it’s more noticable on a bigger screen too especially if you sit too close – with a 55″ tv you should sit between 12 and 17 feet away for optimal viewing.

    check the tv specs , that your hdmi cable is rated version 1.3 and your ps3 resolution settings. enable super white and rgb full on the ps3 and if the tv has a game mode use it while playing the ps3 – that should help.

    either you’ll see a difference , get used to it or buy a different tv – I have a plasma and notice a difference between it and a friends lcd tv playing the same games because his is 60hz with a 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio – mine is 600hz and 1 million:1 contrast ratio.

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