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what resolution should i set my xbox 360 to?


I have a 52” rca hdtv.
For XBox 360 should I play on 1080i or 720p? Which looks better? I am using the inclduing HD cables. I know “p” resolutions are “full frame”, meaning the whole picture is rendered, whereas with “i” resolutions, each frame is really only “half” a frame interlaced at high speeds.

Any help would be great, thanks 🙂

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  1. 720p would yield the best quality. Some people think 1080i looks better. Of course, you can you let your eyes be the judge.

  2. The best for movies would be 1080p.but Xbox doesn’t support it because it doesn’t have an HDMI 1.3 on any console (the Elite has 1.2). If you want 1080p, you will need a PS3.

    You will have to settle for 720p for movies. The “p” is always better for movies because it gives that “film” effect.

    For fast paced games and movies, use 1080i.

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