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was just wondering if anyone has sent there xbox to microsoft for repairs and how realiable they are?


its just that i bought a new xbox 360 slim 250 gb from Tesco 2months ago and i went down to find out about a replacement but they said it isn’t there problem and i was to send to microsoft and they would fix it. all i want too know is how good is the repairs and do they come back in good condition and do they last lol? and if anyone could tell me if i am entiteled to a replacement xbox or that tescos are within their rights to tell me to send it to microsoft? thanks

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  1. I’ve had to send two of mine in over the years. The first time was for the red Ring of Death. It took about a month because it was when everyone’s 360s were breaking. They sent me a brand new replacement. That one lasted 2 years and then Red Ringed. I was out of warranty, so I bought a new one. The disc drive on that one wouldn’t play my games anymore so I sent it in and got a refurbished one 2 weeks later. I’ve had that since March and it hasn’t had any problems.

    Most stores have 30 day return policy on electronics unless you bought a store warranty. After that, you have to contact the manufacturer.

  2. Not very. It cost money just for them to look at it and if they find don’t something wrong, oh well you waisted money for nothing. Better to take it to a local repair shop. I’ve sent in a RROD and got back a xbox that worked for one week.then it got RROD.They work cheaply to save money which is why RROD exist.

  3. I’ve sent two of mine in. The first one took about a month to come home. My newest one took about two weeks. So it varies. They come back looking and acting brand new. If it’s pretty new then it should be free.

    They also send it back with a free month if xbox live. :]

  4. I had the red rings on my xbox last year and i sent it in and they got it back to me in around a month. they did a fine job and also included a free month of xbox live.

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