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PS3 wont let me change resolution.=(?


Hey guys, I am having trouble trying to change the resolution on my ps3. I’ve been watching some videos on youtube but appearently I dont get the “Custom” option after choosing the HDMI Connector. Currently I am using the Composite/S Video cables (Yello,White, Red) to view it on my TV. But I already purchased my HDMI to DVI adapter and now I am trying to use my Computer LCD monitor which is “ViewSonic VS10931”. Could it be that my LCD Screen doesn’t support my PS3? Because like I mentioned before, I dont even get the custom option like everyone else does on youtube. Please Help! I am stressed out! =(. by the way, in my screen this message pops up: “RESOLUTION NOTICE: FOR BEST QUALITY CHANGE RESOLUTION TO 1280X1024”. what should I do? I’ve tried this on two different LCD Screens, Different Model, Different Brand. and still the same. Help! Please!

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