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PS3 Region Code?


Ok I just Bought a 80gb PS3 right, and Im able to play Japanese PS3 games but not Japanese PS2 games because of the region code. I have Narutimate Accel and I wanna play it soooo bad but idk how. Is there a way I can change the region code or do I have to go buy a Japanese PS2. Help me out here, no stupid answers like “Oh thats sad.” lol ferreal I wanna find a way to get this game on. Thanx.

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  1. ALL PS3 games are region-free. you can play all titles on your PS3. However, Blu-ray titles are region-locked still.

    Also. Japan is part of Region A which is the same region as North America

    EDIT: I still think region lock applies to PS2 games on the PS3. So either you could mod your ps2 (not recomended) or import a japanese ps2. Someone will have to confirm region locks on ps2 titles begin played on the PS3

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