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PS3 God Of War 3 Question.Please help right away.?


I noticed that my God Of War 3 game is giving a little problem. Yesterday i noticed when i upgraded the Blades Of Exile and started playing i`m not seeing the Blades but can yet hear when Kratos slashes them but yet its not doing any destruction around him say like braking pots for orbs. The next thing i noticed that some of the videos that play in parts of the game say like that girl in the golden statue in the underworld who asked Kratos to free her , you can see them talking but no sound and sometimes i do hear the voices of Kratos and the girl talking but one line is being repeated all the time right through the video. I don`t know if its because i played the makings of God Of War 3 found in Treasures before beating the game. Is there any way i can resolve this problem and oh almost forgot when i`m ready to save the game at a save point i press R1 but thats it,it would just stick there without moving on as i said is there any way to solve this problem.

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  1. Well first of all your disk mite be scratched or faulty so I would return it and get a new one. But it could be your ps3. So for your ps3 take out the disk and blow into where your disk goes. Then pull out the cords on the back out then blow in them. Put them back in and if you still have problems it’s probably your disk.

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