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Is it still worth buying the Xbox 360 in 2015?


I currently have a Wii U but it doesn’t have the same games as Xbox/PS3. Debating whether to get a 360 or Xbox one. Thanks

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  1. probably not, microsoft has said they will only support the 360 into next year AND they’re all ready pushing all the game developers to stop making new games for it too.

    So it would probably just be better to save up for an XB1 or PS4

  2. It’s a game Console,, get what fits your needs.I’ve had a Xbox 360 for 5 years, I don’t see any reason to switch to xbox one.

    Do you like PlayStation controllers

    Do you like Xbox 360 controllers

    Besides being one of those people that think they need to keep up with the latest technology.

    I choose xbox360 because I have big hands and the controller works perfect for that

    Xbox is the only one who has Titan fall

    Xbox360 has 3 sleek designs

    And I like the sleek intercooler that goes on the top of the xbox360

    Xbox smartglass app

    Xbox has by far the best home screen

    Xbox has a awesome bright X on the center of their controllers, with a sweet layout

    Xbox one controllers are made cheaper

    Xbox has some badass modded controllers

    Xbox has a extremely sleek kinect

    Xbox speaks volumes lol, it just works


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