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How much could I sell these for on eBay?



I’m looking to sell two PlayStation Portables on eBay. Both of them have scratches on their casing, and one of them has a slight maneuverability issue with the D-Pad. Both of their Batteries are fully functioning and I have one Charger.

If you look at PlayStation Portables currently on eBay, how much could I expect to sell them both for as a bundle?

Thank you.

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  1. look at prices for new ones and look to start price at about half the full one.you must be honest about damage and faults,perhaps sel together as spares

  2. Go to E-bay.com and do an advanced search, type in what you want to sell , then click the button that says “completed listings only” This way you can get a good idea on what sold for what price, and how many didn’t sell. Anything that is in green sold, black was unsold.

    Additionally take a look at my articles on eHow for tips on selling and shipping on E-bay! Good luck to you!

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  3. Dunno about the price but don’t sell them as a bundle, it minimises the amount of people interested. Think about how many people there are out there that want to buy 2 used PSP’s. Sell them, seperately and you can charge a little more and get more business.

  4. Why don’t YOU look at PlayStation Portables currently on eBay? You’re the one who wants to sell them, why should I or anyone else do your eBay research for you? Don’t be so lazy.

  5. For like £80.00 (roughly$160-$170) for the psp with scratched screen (judging that its scratched lightly)

    And like £60 (roughly $150-$160 for the psp with the D-Pad problem.) I suggest you sell the one with the D-Pad problem with a charger.

  6. Well, since they have scratches, that will bring it down a bit, and the D-pad will bring it down a lot more. I would estimate that you should sell it for $200.

  7. The one with a D-Pad problem pretty much screws playing correctly with it, so that one should go for about 40% of what you originally paid for it, sell the other for 75% of what you paid, add those prices together.

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