Home Playstation Forum does the sdtv work on the PS3″SLIM”?

does the sdtv work on the PS3″SLIM”?


i know sdtv works on ps3 original.how about ps3 slim does it work on sdtv?

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  1. If you mean SD as in standard definition, televisions. then yes – it WILL work just fine. Older and newer models alike come packaged with a composite video cable. (Yellow = SD video, red/white = stereo left/right)

    Any other connections you want to use will need purchased extra. Just about any HDMI cable will work just fine – HDMI is standard on both ends.

    Sony (and likely one or more of the non-OEM manufacturers) make a component cable version that uses the Sony A/V Multi-Out connector (same connector on the PS3 side as the composite cable included)

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