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can my ps3 be jailbroken?


My ps3 ofw is 4.46 But says I can install firmware 2.70 or later. I know I’ll have to have 3.5 or lower to jailbreak. Which is why its confusing me. Help me any opinions?

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  1. Me and a friend talked about this at a party. He said that he’d been following this site and, currently, there is no way to do this yet. Because Sony was hacked and such, all the files in the PS3 are hidden in the console and no knows how to view them.

  2. Although it is possible to hack most PS3 consoles it requires hardware to the cost of around £50 and it certainly requires a good understanding of hardware architecture. I would not recommend that you attempt to hack your console but it is yours to do with as you like. There are many sites that can guide you further!

  3. No

    you can install any version later than an old one like 2.70 but you can’t downgrade to a lower version

    you might see a game that says requires version 2.70 or later but that doesn’t mean your ps3 can install that lower version , just that the game requires at least that version

  4. No, jailbreaking isn’t possible on 4.46. It’s easier to just not mess around with custom firmware, it’s not worth getting your PSN account banned over it.

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