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Yamaha RXV361 AV receiver for PS3?


Hi all u sound and gaming proffs out there! I am thinking of buying Yamaha RXV361 receiver to connect to my PS3 so I can take advantage of the surround sound that supposed to be better on blueray discs. I do not have HDMI compatible TV only older Hitachi plasma TV that does not have HDMI or optical connectors.

Can anybody advice whether the yamaha receiver can work together with PS3 so that I can play games and watch videos with surround sound?

Your time and help are most appreciated.

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  1. Yes, you can. I double checked to make sure and yes this yamaha model has got plenty of input modes compatible with ps3 including optical audio, component video and of course standard RCA AV.

    And the ps3 can easily send audio and video through different outputs, and yes it’s still surround. I do the same with an old sony receiver and a westinghouse HDTV.

    All you need to to configure your system is go into the settings part of the XMB, and set the video output to component or whatever is going to your TV, then set the audio to optical, RCA or whatever is going to your surround system. If you’re using component, you won’t even need to do that, just run the two audio cables into the receiver and the 3 video into the TV.

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