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Xbox live disconnects randomly and for like 1 second why?


i didnt start having problems with this until like 4 months ago and i didnt change any network settings routers modems.nothing changed it only disconnects me for like 1 second but thats long enough for it to kick me out of anyonline match im in.and i watch my modem it never shows any problems and my network latency doesnt spike b4 or after it does it.so im aat a loss.and and xbox support says its my modem dsl says its xbox live.lol

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  1. I have the same problem going on with my Playstion Network booting me for one second. I asked the same question and have been told a few things. One thing that could be causing it is interference from other wireless devices, like they may be too close together. It could be your router too close or another game system or even a cordless phone. You might not have changed any settings but did anything get moved around? Try moving some things around or checking your router out. Your router might needed to be updated. Mine is almost two years old so it may have something to do with my problem. I didn’t actually fix my problem yet. I haven’t made it a priority since I don’t play online all that much. I hope this helps.

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