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Xbox Live Connection?


Right now I have a 6 meg connection coming straight from a modem. In two days I am upgrading to 12 megs. How good of a connection should I have after the upgrade.

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  1. If it’s with the same service provider then you shouldn’t have any sort of a difference in ping(but you might) but your downloads will certainly be faster.

  2. Once you get around 500 kb, you’re fine. Your connection will be a little better but you may not even notice it.

    Happy gaming!

  3. Speed is nothing, once you get about 512kb download, your fine. After that it’s all ping (latency or “lag”). Ping is the time it takes for your internet to send info to the server and back to your Xbox. For example I would rather have 2meg with 50ms of ping, thats milliseconds, than have a 50meg 300ms. To find out your ping on your computer go to Start, then Run, and in the box type “cmd” without the “”. Then once open type this:

    ping -t google.com

    It will immediately start saying like reply from. look for a part that says time= and beside it should be a number like this ###ms, and # replaced with numbers. A good ping to have for Xbox live is 0-150ms, I run at about 80-130ms

    Also if your getting jumps or an average above this, then your computer has background programs like iTunes or something updating or something so this may NOT be accurate, but is just an idea to TEST it.

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