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well i have a problem with my xbox 360, i just got live [the 30-day trial that my console comes with] and i played COD for like a few hours, and i had an ethernet cable connected to my laptop and my console, and it worked. but then my dad like reset our internet and everything and now it doesnt work. i called up xbox 2 times an they said im gettin an MTU error, but i changed the MTU and it still wont work. i also tried pluggin my ethernet cable to my linksys wrt320n router which is connected to my West-something [i forget] DSL router? at least thats what it says it is. And i tried and it still wont work. when i config my xbox live connection it fail when it goes from Internet –> Xbox Live. i also tried to plug my ethernet cable to my DSL router but then i dont have internet b/c it only has 1 ethernet slot and it was being used for the Linksys, and it still doesnt work.

-so. Ive called xbox a total of 5 times and they give me nothing, just keep sayin stuff bout MTU which ive changed on the web page thing of linksys, and ive called up Linksys and he said to open the ports, [UPD and like THC] something like that, and i think i have mayb not correctly.

-Is there anybody i can call up like toll free whos a xbox specialist OTHER than the company?

-Is there any one here i can message for help?

im 14 btw


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  1. Call:

    Geek Squad, (Best Buy)

    Elctronics At Target (Target)

    Radio Shake

    Realy Almost Any Place That knows alot about elctronics or call the place where you got you xbox, or were you got your router

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