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Xbox 360 Repair – Should You Do it Yourself? 3 Considerations


You’re playing Halo 3 and suddenly your screen locks up. You notice three lights flashing red on your console. After turning your Xbox on and off several times, you realize the problem isn’t going to disappear on its own.

Now you have a few choices. You can send your Xbox back to Microsoft to get it repaired free if your warrantee is intact. If your warrantee is void then you’ll have to pay Microsoft up to $150 plus shipping and handling to do the job.

Another option is to repair it yourself but should you? The answer depends on a number of factors:

1.) Is your warrantee intact and do you want to take advantage of it?

This is an important consideration. It’s nice to let the experts handle the problem and get a working Xbox back without any more effort on your part. However, the horror stories abound about waiting weeks to get your machine back only to have the ring of death return after a few weeks. You may get a refurbished console that originally belonged to someone else! Who knows what kind of abuse that machine has seen.

2.) Are you comfortable working with your hands?

There are plenty of people who have never changed a flat tire on their bicycle as a kid. If you have a familiarity with basic tools such as a screw driver, socket wrench, knife, etc. Then you have what it takes to do a self repair. If basic tool use has always frustrated you, then you should not fix your Xbox yourself. When doing your own repair you want to exercise great care.

3.) Do you have a good source of repair information?

Are you sure that the kid on YouTube knows what he’s doing? Remember he’s a kid who messes around with his Xbox. Did he do a follow up video about how long his “fix” lasted? Sometimes it pays to buy a guide that supplies reliable information. The business man supplying the guide has to answer to his customers. The kid on YouTube doesn’t answer to anyone.

If you get the right repair guide, you could have your Xbox 360 up and running within a couple of hours. Like repairing your bike, a little Xbox self repair experience goes a long way.

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