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Xbox 360 hard drive?


if i buy a new 120 gig hard drive, how can i get all the memory from my old one on to my new one?

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  1. You’ll need a transfer kit such as this:

    [url is not allowed]

    The seller is very helfull plus you get great modding guides 😛

  2. You can either get a Xbox 360 memory card (will allow the manual movement of everything small enough to fit on the memory card, probably not downloads, but can redownload everything for free as long as you use the same account that downloaded them before) or an Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit (disk and cable, allows you to move everything from the smaller hard drive to the larger one).

  3. If you buy a retail 120 gb HDD in packaging, most of the time they come with a migration kit. Otherwise I used a small 256mb memory to transfer all of my memory from my 20 gb to a 60 gb

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