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Xbox 360 Freezing.?



So I recently bought NCAA Football 2010 for my Xbox 360. The first time I put the game in.”dirty disc error”.

Obviously this is impossible since the disc was brand new. I eventually got it to play, but it would freeze at random points (sometimes during menus, sometimes during gameplay). So what did I do?

I took the game back and got another copy. Same story.

I read up online and decided it might just be EA’s game. So I traded it in for UFC Undisputed. It worked perfectly. For about a week. Now it won’t let me play it. It loads up fine (even shows me the menu) but as soon as I try and go anywhere on it (exhibition, career, classic fights, etc) it freezes on the load screen. It won’t even respond to my controller.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING (and I do mean everything). I’ve cleared the cache. I’ve deleted the game from my hard drive. I downloaded the game to my hard drive. I’ve even taken off my hard drive. I’ve deleted my gamer profile. I even took the game back and got another copy.

Nothing works.

I called Xbox Customer Support and they said there’s really nothing they can do (since my xbox is outside of its one year warranty). The only way they’ll fix it for free is if I get the THREE RINGS.

I’m just not sure what to do? The box works perfectly fine with my MLB 2K9 game. And it’s not like it’s freezing at random points in time, it freezes at the SAME point EVERYTIME.

I’m about to the point where I WANT the Three Rings of Death just so that I can get my Xbox fixed.

HELP! (Has anyone else had a similar problem?)

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