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Would Silacone work for a ps3 disk?


Well i have a small crack in the middle of my littlebigplanet disk would silacone work?

If not what would i dont want it too chip off into my ps3 and blow it up D: i was thinking silacone but hmm.

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  1. A small crack in your PS3 disc should not have an effect on the gameplay at all. The PS3 discs are blue ray discs, meaning that even if they get scratched or something, nothing will really happen. It will be unaffected. So a little scratch in a disc, well, that’s nothing to worry about. It won’t have any effect on the actually game – unless you completly broke your disc or something.

  2. OK, the sound in the following video has been removed by WMG, dunno why.

    Anyway, the video shows you how much damage a Blu-Ray disc can take before it breaks. I’m sure that a little crack won’t be a problem 🙂

    [url is not allowed].

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