Home Playstation Forum Will PSN continue to be free on the PS3?

Will PSN continue to be free on the PS3?


Sense the PS4 will have a $5 a month charge will PSN on the PS3 be free? Have they said it yet? I am thinking of getting a PS3 because of how cheap they are. Would it be a good investment?

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  1. PS3 online is free and is going to be free for a long time. Even so your probally better off with the ps3 even if some odd reason they do decide to charge, you will have a bigger variety of games to play. Because the ps4 is going to be new, and wont have as much games untill a year or so of its release.

  2. Yes PSN on the PS3 is free still. Wouldn’t change.

    With the PS3 being the outgoing console, I think you should look into getting the PS4 though, unless you are fine purchasing the back catalog of games for it.

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