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What’s wrong with my Xbox 360?


With everything plugged in correctly, I start the xbox and on the TV there’s just a brief patch of light and then nothing happens.

There is none of the red lights indicating a problem so what is wrong with it? Maybe the video output has a bad connection?

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  1. Make sure that the av plugs going from your television to your xbox are on the right switch. If you are using the Component cables, (Red, Blue, and Green) then the switch must be on HDTV. If you are using the av video cable, (Yellow) then make sure it is on TV. In all cases, Make sure that the red and white cords attached to the yellow video cable are plugged in to have sound. If you are having trouble with your video when plugged in using Component cables and not the yellow video cable, check your display settings on your xbox. Also, the switch is located on the the video and sound cables on the end that connects to your xbox.

    Hope this helps!

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