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Welcome to the World of Xbox


Gone are the days when computer consoles were used only to play games with. Technological advances and increasing use of broadband mean the humble gaming console has undergone a radical transformation and now has a multitude of uses from the traditional purpose of game play, to the ability to use the console as a movie theatre, music player and video chat tool.

Microsoft’s offering of the Xbox 360 has proved a popular choice with gamers across the world and with so many different options to choose from its likely there is a package to suit all tastes and budgets.

The Xbox console itself comes in a few different alternatives so your personal preferences can be fulfilled right from the start. The arcade version contains everything you need to get the games started and with five arcade games included there’s no chance of getting bored. With a 256Mb memory unit and wireless controller included you have everything you need to delve into the world of Xbox.

The next step up is the premium console which has a 60Gb hard drive. The Xbox Elite is, as the name suggests, the premier console package which is packed with useful features. The huge 120 Gb detachable hard drive provides you with an abundance of space to save games, movies and photos. If you don’t have the Elite version you should note the hard drive can be purchased separately so a memory upgrade is possible without having to buy a whole new console. The Elite console stands out from the others due to its black finish and the high definition (HD) element make the possibility of crystal clear picture and life like graphics a reality.

Xbox Live is the jewel in Microsoft’s crown that helps differentiate this games console from competitors. By connecting your Xbox 360 to the internet via your broadband connection you can connect to Live silver or gold, depending on the package you’ve chosen, where you can then play live online with fellow enthusiasts from all over the world. Xbox Live is the only unified place where you can play with whoever you wish, whenever you want and with over ten million Xbox Live users around the world, you will never be short of a fellow player.

Another benefit of Xbox Live is the marketplace; here you will find you can keep your favourite games up to date by accessing new content and you can extend and personalise your Xbox experience to really make it your own.

Gaming aside, the Xbox [http://www.littlewoodsdirect.com/images/ptools/lwd_new/pages/xbox-360/landing.html] can be used for much more. Watching DVD movies, playing your favourite music and sharing your latest digital pictures with friends are just a few possible uses that make the Xbox a multipurpose home entertainment system.

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Submitted On September 25, 2008Console SystemsMovie trivia, car racing or a spot of golf; whatever tickles your fancy the Xbox is sure to have a game to match. Offering a wide range of games with remarkably realistic graphics, Microsoft’s Xbox is used across the globe.Xbox, Xbox 360, Microsoft, games console, computer games.

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