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Socom Confrontation Bundle?


i got a few questions ;

1) will the bluetooth headset bought from U.S (NTSC) work in the middle east (PAL)?

2) will the headset work with other games?

3) what are your reviews of this game?

4) will the headset work with other devices like my cell phone, laptop,etc?

5) can the headset be used with multiple devices?

6) how are its servers?

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  1. I just got Socom 2 days ago, I was’nt expecting the headset they gave me. I thought they were gonna give me the wired one but looks like the Bluetooth one came. It’s a very excellent one. It works on all PS3 games, even works with your Cell Phone. As for the game, i was’nt too happy since it was the first day of release the servers were very full. Socom informed me they were working on fixing it. I managed to get into a couple games and it was fairly good. At this point, I would not recommend it. I liekd all the previous Socom’s but i’m not feeling this one too much. As for the headset however, its very good.

  2. 1)im not really sure, im thinking it will

    2)yes the headset does work on different games

    3)my friends are BIG Socom fans and i seen them playin it on PS3 and i asked them how it was and they said “best socom ever!!”

    4)it depends if the headset was MADE for PS3 or Xbox 360 if it is made for just that then no

    5)that i truely do not kno sry

    6) my friends said the server waas pretty good

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