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Should I get Minecraft 360?


Is minecraft 360 going to have all these mods, texturepacks and skins?

Are they going to make minecraft exactly like the current pc version?

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  1. No they aren’t putting mods or texture packs on. The DLC will be skins for playable characters. The first DLC is out in August and will contain Jack of Blades (Fable), Carmine (Gears of War), Miss Splosion Man, Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie) and some prizoner guy (don’t know exactly what this one is).

    There will be 40 skins altogether.

  2. No you should buy the pc version. There will be no mods texture packs or skins for minecraft 360. The pc version is the best.

  3. not yet, they have not come out with mods, texture packs or skins, but in future updates they will. In my opinion mine craft on the 360 is a lot more funner and easier to control

  4. 4J studios (the team Mojang hired to covert the java to C) is planning on making some ‘mods’ as dlc for the 360 minecraft, but they havent confirmed a definite on that. They announced texturepacks and skins will be available soon. As for updates, they said it would be this summer, and it will eventually catchup with the pc version, and be as close to identical as possible. There is news about this on the minecraft wiki, as well as many fan sites. I think that its worth the money if you like minecraft (but I currently prefer the pc version, even though there are barely any good servers anymore).

  5. Currently, there are no mods, texturepacks, or skins. I doubt they will create mods, but maybe in the near future they will give you a few texture packs and allow you to pick/make a skin.

    I’ve heard they are going to update it, unsure when they will, though.

    If you’re looking to play with friends who don’t have it on the pc, get the xbox version. If you’re looking to play alone and/or go on servers, get the pc version.

    I have both (wanted to play it with my boyfriend, but he only has the xbox version lol)

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