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Should I buy a 40GB PS3 for $350 or a 80GB for $415?


I only have $420, and I want the 80GB but I also want to buy the game Unreal Tournament! so I can get the 40GB for 350 plus the UT3 game for 410 dollars, but then I don’t get backwards compatibility or SD card readers. And the 80GB comes with Motorstorm! I don’t know what to do PLEASE HELP!

By the way, both PS3 are brand new.

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  1. get the 80gb version cuz you’ll want it later anyway. (plus you get motorstorm, a wireless antenna for the internet, can play ps2 games, and more hard drive space for downloads and games).

    save some more money for UT.

  2. Get the 80GB version you get a lot of extra stuff for just a little more, not just the bigger hard drive but things like card reader, 4 USB (vs 2 on the 40GB), backward compatibility for PS2 games etc.

  3. Does the 60GB version have all of the extras mentioned above (4 usb, backward compatible, internet antenna, etc.), or just the 80GB version. Keep in mind, if you buy the 40GB version, you can always connect an external hard drive down the line when you have more money, so i wish the 40Gb had all the features.

  4. i feel your pain. hehehe. sorry to be zen about this but you have to decide what you want to do with the ps3. if you want to play ps3 games, why sweat the backward compatibility.

    if $415 is all you can afford, why dwell on what you can’t have. Get the 40 Gb and enjoy UT3.

    your third and best option, i think, is to save up and wait so you can get both. i don’t think the ps3’s price is going lower but you might find a good deal on UT3 later.

  5. Get the 80GB PS3. Even if you spend all of your money on the 80GB PS3, you can always save up for a PS3 game. When I bought my 60GB PS3, I didn’t buy a PS3 game for about 1 month.

    At least with the 80GB you get all of the features that the PS3 has to offer.

  6. No matter which one you get, you’re going to be furious for not waiting a few months when the prices drop by $100.

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