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Question about the Xbox 360. 10 pts!?


I am thinking about getting an Xbox 360, but I really don’t know which one to get, if I should get a hard drive, etc. Anyway, I know there are three kinds, and I don’t plan on getting the most expensive one. So why would I need a hard drive? Is it like a memory card or something? I know that the Arcade version has 256 MB of storage, and the regular Xbox 360 has 60 GB, which I know is a HUGE difference. Is that just, like, game memory storage, or do you have to get a memory card, too? Thanks!

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  1. trust me u want a hardrive like 4real. with that 250mb thats means u wont be able download demos and there like 70 online and over 100 easy in arcade demos

    then there no point ever buying a game with extra stuff because u have to download it to use it there goes money wasted on a game thats u cant even pl,ay to its full power

    then u wont even be able download maps and most of the time when a game as free maps its required to have and maps can easy take 400mb easy even if u want to buy maps still cant

    u wont be able download like trailers for games and that because u got no memory

    and see arcade moidel as little hidden fees see cheak this out u pay 200 bucks for it and down the road u get mad not geting hardrive so u go store and buy a hardrive btw they only sell 120gbs in stores and thats 180 bucks so thats 380 bucks plus tax then then arcade dont come with a head set and boom 400 bucks u should got elite. then when new systems come out u want one so your going to sell your 360 to get a xbox w/e they call it and u going get less because u have to sell it in parts

    see so messed up huh?

  2. no not with the hard drive one i think you should get the hard drive version you dont need a memory card you can play xbox games on it and it has more memory

  3. If you want one that bad,g et the 60 Gb one. Yes you pay a little more, but after you put all your games, game updates, gamer profiles, music and what not, things get a little full. If you get the 256, you are very limited to what you can do with your 360. As to your memory card/ hard drive question, you get a hard drive with your system, without it its useless, and a memory card is just so you can take your game info to a friends house.

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