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PS3 Question?


When you get a ps3 dose it come with software to update your psp so you can use remote play?

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  1. You can connect your PSP to your PS3 without any additional software.

    Both the PSP and the PS3 can update themselves online when connected.

  2. Your PSP can get that in one of its updates, I believe. Just go to the PSP part of Sony’s website, download the latest update, and transfer it to your PSP’s memory stick via the USB cable. Or do it wirelessly if you can do that with your PSP.

  3. The software update version that comes with the PS3 already installed depends on when it was manufactured. For instance, If there is a PS3 that was manufactured in November it will have either the 2.00 or 2.01 update.

    But I think that any of the new PS3’s should come with the update that allows you to use the Remote Play feature because the update that allowed the Remote Play function came out at least 1-2 months ago.

    When you get the PS3, You can go to the PS3’s settings and see which software version that you have already installed. If the software update isn’t the current version just connect the PS3 to the interent and download the update. Or just use your computer and go to the playstation website and download the update and save the update to a USB drive and then put the USB drive into the PS3 and update the PS3 that way.

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