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Ps3 Controller won’t turn on or charge. Whenever I plug it into the usb cable, no light pops up and no power?


I have a ps3 and its fairly new a 40 gig type but the ps3 controller has recently ran out of batteries but won’t charge or regain any energy to play or do anything in general. It used work for the last few months and now it just randomly stopped. I know the usb cables are fine because i have a ps3 blue tooth headset that still works and still charges whenever i use the cables on it. Please help does sony cover random technical malfunctions?

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  1. Wrong Again. I have 2 PS3 DS3 controllers, both are not working, one is 2 yrs old, other 2 month old, both don’t charge, both don’t turn on.

    Last time this happen is when Sony Network got hacked and they offered us 2 free games to download to show how bad they felt about the whole thing.

    If I remember correctly, I had to format/reset the console, and everything started to act right again. IT IS NOT A DEAD BATTERY ISSUE.

  2. There is a defective battery inside or it died. You can only buy a new one two ways. Use the warranty if you got it at a store or spend around $50.00 for a new one. It sucks bro, trust me. Same thing happened to my cousin and he got a new one with the warranty because he bought it separately. Hope this helped and good luck.

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