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Ps3 controller charge -?


My Ps3 controller was fine 3 days ago.I don’t play ps3 too much anymore, today when I turned it on my controller randomly made the screen scroll down and when I hold ps on the controller it came up with “TURN OFF SYSTEM” and under it Charge level: “-” I left it on for 30 min, it does not charge.The Usb wire I charge with is fine, it charges my other controller.Few min ago I came back and checked, it was randomly shaking.When I picked it up it was just vibrating(even thou I have that option off) and when I looked at the screen it opened some retarded crap.

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  1. It happened to my PS3 controller once too.

    When my battery was discharged to dead.

    You have to leave it to charge for about 15 minutes.

    And then restart the console.

    Should work fine now!

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