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PS3 addiction – how do you overcome it?


Basically whenever i get home from school i feel like i have to go on my ps3 straight away for up to an hour. Its getting quite serious and sometimes i even start my homework at around 9 pm. Please don’t give me any rubbish, i just want a simple honest answer. If you’ve had personal experience like this i think it would help me a lot.

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  1. All you really need is some will-power to stop doing the thing you are feeling addicted to , and no matter what you won’t cut down or quit without really wanting to.

    If you don’t have the personal will-power ask someone for help , tell a parent or sibling how you feel and say please help me.

    You might need a parent to take away your games or controller and only let you play ps3 after you show you’ve finished homework or chores , or only allow you to play for a certain amount of time per day at first until you get used to a new routine , a support system and the will to both ask for help and see it through will work best.

    You can find other things to do also , playing games is fun but not all there is to life , joining a sports team or even just a casual pickup basketball game scheduled weekly with a group of friends will give you other options and eventually you might not play ps3 so much or even at all?

    I like playing ps3 too but have scheduled times that I’ll play , and only if I’m not busy with other things , I play daily between 7 and 8pm or weekend mornings only mostly , unless it’s a social thing where a group gets together for a few beers and some rock band or something on saturday nights – I could play more but have to set aside time to get housework and yardwork finished and to see friends and family which are more important than getting some xp or whatever.

  2. Ummm it’s not like your a drug addict I mean as long as its not health hazardous (both mental and physical -wise.idk it’s much of a big deal.unless its taken of your life.I wudnt stress over it.but if your addiction is severe.iwud seek professional help on ur mental status

  3. if not wag question then i would suggest hacking your games. or you could just use a disc to load a game designed by you uniting the games advertised on web.put as quests on role playing game in merc iv.v. i say this because has everything you needd for fantasy role playing.any other game heroes just mercenary potraits for it.set up rule red x marks kill of hero. set cost for leagueof legends or golden age or kingdom’s bounty heroes at 50 golld pieces.hire as single sword units. the mercenaries in merc iv.v would be diffrent have units to deploy by clicing on botton of page one say 23 enemies killed.

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    finishes of quick.

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