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Problem with wifi with two Xbox 360’s?


I had all my ports forwarded and everything set up for my xbox and the my roommate got an xbox and started playing online. Today we were both playing while his was lagging (Gears of war 3), I couldnt even find a game (MW3). I have comcast 25mbps internet and what can I do to fix this?

P.S I really dont care if his online gameplay stays laggy but want mine to work.I know I am selfish

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  1. like the other guy said it really slows the speed down when u have more then 1 wifi electronics wanting to get to the router. im about 20 feet from my router and when i have my laptop open it tend to lag quite a bit in all the cods some worse then others. try to hook him up with a neighbors wifi that isnt locked if u really want him to lag xD idk i herd thats illegal or something i dont really know so idk if u really want to do that

  2. are you close to your router because if not you won’t have a strong signal also the two xbox’s could be fighting over signal

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