Home Xbox Forum PLEASE HELP! XBOX Arcade($280), PRO($350), or ELITE($450)?

PLEASE HELP! XBOX Arcade($280), PRO($350), or ELITE($450)?


Im trying to figure out which XBOX would be a better deal?

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  1. Disregarding HDD sizes, because they are interchangeable. So far the most reliable console is the Elite, it also has the most features built in. If you can afford it, definitely get the Elite.

  2. Just so you know, they dropped the price on the pro to $300 a while ago to sell them all because the 60gb hard drive pro is going to replace it soon. If it’s between arcade and pro, go pro, its only $20 more and has a hard drive which, if purchased separately, would set you back $100.

    Otherwise, get the Elite. It has the biggest hard drive and is black, which is fancy looking.

  3. Ok, I have had the premium system and it lasted for 2 months before getting really hot even in a well vented room, This would cause games to crash where the sound would still play but there was no image on the screen, I eventually got tired of this happening and took it back to store where it was purchased I decided to upgrade to the Elite and pay the difference between the two.

    WOW. No noise the old xbox was really noisy I could it hear it loading games sitting 5 meters away. The HDMI is a bit tricky for some reason can only get it to run at 480p playing games but the red blue green cables play at 1080p. I got a question on this site for that issue. Anyway some more advice. Its simple if you are going to play online then get the elite its more reliable than the premium, If your not going to play online or put music on it, not use it as an multimedia devce for music extra then go for the Arcade but be warned it has no hard drive.

    If I was you I would pay the extra and go for the elite I always say that in these days you get what you pay for

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