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MW3 killstreak question.easy?


i played call of duty 4: modern warfare like a maniac for months straight.started getting dizzy spins then quit playing.i didnt play a single call for a couple years.i just got the MW3 for xmas, and a lot has changed.i limit my playing to an 45 mins a day so i dont get dizzy episodes anymore and its been working fine for me.a lot of things have seem to change since i last played.

alright so my question is, how do you use your killstreak awards in multiplayer.

in oringal modern warfare.

3 kills-uav

5 kills-airstrike

7 kills- chopper

and it would alert you when you can activiate them by pressing left on the D-pad.

some reason i can’t figure out how to do these on MW3? i get killstreaks up to 7 sometimes and i cant even activate my UAV? whats up with that. or am i blind and missing something here.

any info is appreciated. THANKS!

by the way,i am playing this on xbox 360.

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  1. Well you have to set up youre killstreaks in the custom class mode its under strike packages and then you pick assult support or specialist

    assault are killstreaks or (pointstreaks now in mw3) that kill people and if you die it resets

    support are pointstreaks that help the team and if you die they dont reset

    specialist are poinstreaks that give you perks if you die they reset

    hope that helped

    p.s you can get it quicker by capturing flag killing people and planting the bomb because those add one less of a kill you need

    p.s.s there is like a nuke now in MW3 its called M.O.A.B or (mother of all bombs) it does not end the game or kill youre teamates only effects other team

    hope that helped

  2. mw3 has different kill streak packages. assault, support, and specialist.
    >basically if you play regular instead of hard core, you want to check the bottom right hand side or your screen in game to see if your killsteak is availabe, it should be highlighted in like gold or something with a small gold arrow pointing towards it. here are the different types of killstreaks packages if you didnt know about them already.

    assault: kill streaks like COD4 (uav, helicopter, air strikes, etc.) if you die, your streak starts over

    support: these help out your team more they include (UAV, UAV jammer, etc.) things that help you either defend your team or weaken the enemy team. (if you die, your steak still continues)

    specialist: this is if you are more of a lone wolf type of guy. it only benefits you, and include no air support like air strikes and such, but gives you perks (sleight of hand, extreme conditioning, dead silence, over kill, etc.) in addition to your perks already set on that class. these are activated automatically, so you dont need to press left on the D-pad. (if you die, you lose the perks you have gained)

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