Home Playstation Forum is the ps3 gona be that great?

is the ps3 gona be that great?


idk implanning on getting it but i already have a 40 gig.should i sell it and bu the slim


  1. If you have the 40GB already – and you use it to play PS2 games as well then I would hang onto it. The new Slim is not backwards compatible.

  2. Thats what ima prolly do, I got the original 80 gig, and the new slim is thinner, smaller, and better. its 299.99 with 120 gig hardrive, takes up less space, and runs better. Has blu-ray and you can play same games too. I think its great.

  3. I doubt it will unlike the ps2 slim which was actually slim. This ps3 slim’s backward compatibility is taken away completely and many features are also being taken away for the price drop.

    Hope this helped.Buy a xbox instead.better games ^o^

  4. As said above, the 40gb is not ps2 compatible. Only old 60gb and 80gb. I have the 40gb, just upgrade the hard drive.

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