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if i trade in my playstation 2 for a ps3 how much would tht be?


i have 2 controllers and a mountain full of games so much would that be if i trade all that stuff in to gamestop?

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  1. it some times depends on the type of games you have and which game shop you go to some like game crazy might give like 10-20 bucks for the ps2 and maybe 5-10 dollars for the games but it’s probaly not worth it i’d suggest puting it on ebay each game seprate and the games starting price around what you’d like and do the same for the ps2

  2. I just sold my PS2 with rockband and guitar hero for 140. I had to pay the rest to get the Wii. It also depends in the condition of the console and the games. You might get up to 120 if you have that many games.

  3. well very few games are for ps2 now so the ps2 would be 100 dollars store credit then u would u still have to pay like 200 bucks. ur welcome(:

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