Home Xbox Forum i need to sell my xbox360 but?

i need to sell my xbox360 but?


right i need to sell my xbox 360 arcade console because each season i need to get an update for it but that means me either

buying adisc of www.xbox.com or buying a pack off cd’s and downloading the program or the last option i could do but cant yet because i can’t even get past the xbox sign when i turn on my xbox please help what should i do

the best answer will get as mmany stars i can give and ten points

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  1. sell your xbox to somebody that wants one and can deal with all the updates. after selling this x-box go and buy a PS3 which is what you should of got in the first place. 🙂

  2. all i can say is never buy a ps3 the system updates they have messed up my friends ps3 to where it won’t boot the CPU

  3. sorry I can’t be of much help, but if you want to sell it you

    could list it on e-bay , a lot of them are selling there

    if not you could take it to a place like auction mojo & they will

    list it on e-bay for you, for two weeks , contact you if it does not sell & if it does sell they get 30–35% of the profit

    good luck :<)

  4. I think ud be best selling it then, put it on Ebay or ask around mates if they know anyone that wants to buy a xbox 360.or put it in your local paper to sell.

    If you cant get a update on the internet, or be bothered with the cd option off xbox.com then get rid of it.

    But dont think about getting a PS3 like the other guy said, it needs more updates than the 360.

  5. Update?

    The best solution should be to connect your xbox to the internet at least to do the update when it’s necessary

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