Home Xbox Forum I found a hacker (xbox live) what do I do with him?

I found a hacker (xbox live) what do I do with him?


My account was hacked by this guy and he bought things from my credit card for castle crashers and I found a guy who I don’t know, hes from germany, and is playing castle crashers, what do I do? Do I report him?
I didn’t make it clear, I got everything back(including money and account)

But I found him playing the game on my friends list, should I report him?
Update 2:
So hes a random guy on my friends list after I was hacked and he happened to play castle crashers and worm 2: armaegeddon. the two games that the microsoft points that were purchased on my account were used on.

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  1. So, because he’s one of thousands of people playing Castle Crashers he must be the one that hacked your account?

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