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How to fix my ps3 it stopped working?


so today i went to play 2k11 and it starts loading but then when it was giving the credits it froze. I then restarted it and did it again and it kept on freezing so then i took out the disc and blew in where the disc goes in so then i checked the disc and it didnt have a scratch on it or nothing so then i put it back in and it still kept on freezing. I dont think its the laser thing because i just got the ps3 like in April and ive tooken good care of it so plz help how can i fix it?

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  1. It’s because of your saved game data to fix it delete the data then put the game in and it should work also it may be because when you last played a game on your PS3 it did not shut down like it should do

  2. Blowing on discs doesn’t work. It worked for Nintendo’s back in the day because the connection was copper on copper and the moister in your breath bridged the connections.

    You can clean it with hot (around 110 degrees) and dry it with a clean white cotton t-shirt.

    That or erase your game data file on the menu screen and delete the save file (after backing up the save file). Then try loading the game again. If it fires up, the save file was corrupt because of a bad shut down or canceling an autosave.

    If it isn’t your save file load your old one back, and rent a disc from Redbox or other similar service to see if it’s your disc.

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