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How to Burn PS3 Games


The PlayStation 3 has a lot of new features which make it one of the most advanced consoles in the World. and it happens that one of these features makes it quite difficult to copy PS3 games. You see, the PS3 uses Blu-Ray, which is a brand new type of disc which uses a blue laser to burn content. These discs are more powerful than standard DVDs and the bad news is that if you want to burn them, you need a blu-ray burner. These aren’t cheap but they are essential for this tutorial to work.

If you have a blu-ray burner, then congratulations, you can burn PS3 discs. To do this, you just need to download a program called Nero. This is available from the Internet, and you can download it by searching Google for “Nero Burning Rom”. This software allows you to burn blu-ray discs, which is what PS3 games are.

After you’ve downloaded Nero, you then need to have the game ISO on your PC. An ISO file can either be downloaded from the Internet (which is illegal) or can be ‘ripped’ from your original game disc. To rip a PS3 game, just put the original game into your blu ray burner, open Nero and select “create image file from disc”.

When you have an ISO of the game you want to burn, you then need to open up Nero and then select “Burn From Image”. This will bring up a screen where you can select the file to burn to a disc, which means that you just need to be able to select the ISO of your game and then let Nero burn it to your disc. A tip here is that you need to make sure the write speed of the program is set to around 4X, which is the speed that has the highest success rate from our experience. BR discs are not cheap and the last thing you want to do is to create a coaster.

The trick to this tutorial is to be able to get a working ISO of your game. PS3 game ISOs can be anywhere from 10GB to 50GB in size, meaning that if you try and rip the game and it isn’t that size, you’ve got a problem. Although this is the basic way to burn PS3 games, there are some other more intricate details which also need to be done to ensure you can play your newly burnt game on your console.

In fact, you can actually burn PS3 games [http://www.ipodbackupwizard.com] very easily with a tool called “GameBackupSystem [http://www.ipodbackupwizard.com]”. This tool has been created by an anonymous team, but we were able to backup and play 20+ PS3 games with it. It details exactly how to rip, copy and burn your PS3 games to play them on your console.

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