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How do you get to the main menu on PS2?


We are trying to reset the parental code on my sons ps2, but when we put in a dvd it says “no data”. so we were trying to figure out how to get to the main menu option to reset the code? where is the main menu? thanks
actually a bootleg dvd is the only one that will play and when we put in a regular dvd it keeps saying “no data”?

the last time we put in a dvd it went straight to the parental code screen. I want to get to that screen , but I don’t know where it is.

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  1. Hey,18 to a 20 gallon tank,,and the code 4 ur p/s 2–try this.

    When u put a rated r movie in and it ask for a code,,the companys code is 7444,,i think u have to press select then the code,,when u change ur pass,,the movie will play,take out the movie and then cut off the system and it will save ur new pass or code.

    if this isnt ur problem,,call playstation help line at 1-800-345-7669

    they have a automated selection,,or visit them on the web at http://www.usplaystation.com

    the web wasnt any help,

    I spoke to the 1800 # regarding urs,,u may need to call,they had a recall on sum componets,,write that part # down in case urs may be it.sum need the eye cleaned,but try that or the 1800 #,,u can speak 2 a operator if the options menu doesnt work.hope that helps.

  2. it’s not the settings, the ps2 only reads some dvds, if it is a copy, it won’t work, try an original dvd

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