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Hello , My Xbox 360 Doesnt have A Hdmi Port, Is There Any Cables Or Anything So I Can Have hdmi Many Thanks=)?



  1. There is no adaptor that allows this. The only way you can do it is if you buy the newer edition of the 360 as they all come with a HDMi port! Arcade, Pro or elite!

  2. if you have the arcade or the core then you would’nt have a HDMI port because it only comes with the elite.hope i helped

  3. There are 3rd party companies that make adapters for the XB360s that don’t have an HDMI port. The cost is around $50 to $80. You plug it into the back and then attach the HDMI cords to it. Check out CNET for reviews on some of the different models.

  4. There isn’t any way to get a perfect hdmi picture but the best you can do is purchase a cable similar to the one you already have except it has more cables on the other end. The cheapest one I found online was the Dragonplus cable available at: [url is not allowed]

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