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Easy Backup Wizard Reviewed


The gaming world is growing quite phenomenally and it appears that individuals of all age ranges are actually hooked into gaming. There’s been news swirling around how the easy back up wizard is the ultimate choice with regards to searching for a program that can copy your video games for example Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Wii games. This is backup software which allows you to copy video games so as to retain them with no risk of losing them at any point. The program was launched in 2009 and it has come to be admired by many gaming enthusiasts since they are now able to copy and store their favorite games.

The software allows you to make copies of games such as Wii, Gamecube Xbox, PSone as well as other games on Nintendo or your PC. The software is simple to download and it is important too to note that it is compatible with virtually all versions of Windows in addition to Mac and other types of operating systems. The program works admirably well with Windows 7 OS and for this reason it is getting used by professional gamers. The software only requires DVD burners and a CD to do the job and does not require specialized software or hardware for its performance. The download as well as the installation has been manufactured incredibly easier with the help of tutorials which come together with it that show you how to work with it and also how the games are copied.

Other salient options that come with this software include the ease with which you can copy games for any kind of system. The process is increasingly simple since it only contains simple steps beginning with the insertion from the game CD then the loading from the game into the software and lastly the insertion from the blank CD or DVD to be able to copy the game. Among the features of the backup software is it is able to bypass the system copy protection also to copy games about the CD without any alterations. You don’t necessarily desire to make any modifications about the console while using the this software.

Another feature would be that the software can also copy movie DVD with ease as well as all kinds of video formats into a DVD. The software enables you to make as numerous copies as you possibly can for games for example Xbox 360 while at the same time maintaining the stature of the original copy. Installing the program only requires the clicking of three buttons after which you can make the amount of copies you would like.

For games such as PS3 that actually involve a huge investment for gamers, the software helps to ensure that their originality is maintained with no cases of scratches, smears or smudges. The easy support wizard also has a game title copy algorithm which enables it to decode any type of a game title copy protection so that developing a copy becomes a real possibility. You will find however some games for example Xbox 360 console that come with inbuilt protection programs making it hard for that software to create a copy.

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