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Different kinds of Xbox 360?


my brother wants to buy an xbox 360 but when he looked i up. he noticed there was different types or names for them. can someone tell me the difference between an microsoft xbox 360 arcade, xbox 360 pro 60GB , microsoft xbox 360 elite, and xbox 360 pro? Which one should i get?

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  1. Theirs three different systems to choose from:

    The Xbox 360 Core system is the cheapest of the three, costing $299. The reason its cheaper is it comes with a wired controller, does NOT come with a harddrive valued at $100, (although you CAN buy a hard-drive separate and use it like normal). The core is your basic system nothing special about it except the price.

    The Xbox 360 premium system $399 comes with a wireless controller, a 20GB hard-drive and HD-cables. The disk tray is chrome giving it a better look in my opinion. If an extra $100 isnt a problem I suggest this one for sure. (the hard-drive comes in handy when storing game data)

    The third and final system is the Xbox 360 Elite at $479.99 it is the ultimate system and in my opinion the better bargain for your buck. The whole thing is painted black unlike the other two, it has a larger hard-drive capacity 120GB which is an extra 100! more then the premium, comes with wireless controler the hd-cables and has an HDMI port on the back for high-def gaming. For only $80 more then the premium you get the HDMI port and an extra 100!! GB’s of memory.

    All in all if cost isnt a factor, I would go with the Elite (obviously) but if the Elite is alittle higher then your willing to pay I would suggest the Premium because with all the extras it comes with, you would be paying the extra $100 for accessories the core doesnt come with.

  2. Arcade – Cheap, but only 256MB memory, just enough to save games and you can’t download anything or play original XBOX games. Comes with 5 games like pacman etc. Get this if ur not gonna spend very long playing it.

    Premium – I recommend this one, 60GB, you can download game demos, trailers, videos etc, enough space to save lots of games, you can play original xbox games, not just 360 ones. You can get a bundle with a few games for free if you look

    Elite – Only choose this if gaming is your life, 120GB, cool black design, nearly imposible to overheat but too expensive unless u plan going on it 15 hours a day.

  3. Arcade has no hard drive

    Pro 60 GB has a hard drive with 60gb of memory

    Elite is just black with a 120g hard drive (ALOT OF MEMORY)

    Pro has 20 GB of memory on hard drive.

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