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connecting xbox 360 to wirelessly enabled pc?


ok i have established no that this can be done. i have wirelessly enabled pc & want to connect xbox 360 iam not sure from what i have read what cable i need ethernet cable or crossover cable? are there any advantages or disadvantages to connecting 360 like this wanted to avoid buying wireless adaptor you see any advice please.

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  1. connection using Internet connection sharing (ICS) will be slower than a connection via a router also the PC will need to be on in order for the xbox to connect, you do not need a cross-over cable. A standard Ethernet cable will work fine but it is dependant on the type of broadband you have ICS does not work on older broadband systems

    here is the link to Microsoft’s step by step ICS set up guide

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    and here is a link that shows you how to set up ICS wirelessly

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    but it would be better to buy a wireless router and connect both PC and xbox directly to that

  2. I suppose you could hook it up to your pc with a cross over cable and enable ICS (if you use Windows) so it shares your pc’s internet connection.

    It seems like a lot of hassle because you’ll then have to switch your pc on everytime you want to play on your xbox.

    You may as well run a longer network cable to your router, that way your connection will not be dependent on your pc.

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