Home Playstation Forum Can someone explain the PS3 memory to me?

Can someone explain the PS3 memory to me?


I heard somewhere 40GB is fine, but I’ve heard of others say it’s not enough.

Why do you need memory and is there a big difference in price or is it sold separately?
Which is more expensive?
Update 2:
To clarify I only want to use it for games

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  1. The larger the HDD )hard drive) the more data can be stored on it. If you get a 40Gb PS3 (one of the older versions) then you won’t get that much space if you intend on playing lots of games and downloading lots of content from the PSN. The bigger the HDD the more you can store and have on your PS3. The new PS3’s don’t come with 40Gb they come with 120, 160, 250 or 320Gb HDD so you can store lots of data. The new PS3’s cost $249.99 for the 160Gb and $299.99 for the 320Gb.

  2. I don’t think any ps3 is sold with 40GB memory. but 40GB would be enough if you didnt download games from the PSN store,.apart from game downloads, ps3 memory is used for game save files (which are small in size), patches and updates (which can be small and sometimes quite big) and game installs (sometimes games like bio shock 2 and gran turismo 5 install a chunk of the game to the hard drive to speed up loading times, but not all games do that). other things that would take your memory are DLC, video trailers etc.

    basically if you only plan to play games from a disk, 40 GB is enough. but most people download games and DLC, and movies. even store music, so that is why 40GB is not enough for them

  3. I have 60GB and it’s ok for me although there have been a few times when I have had to delete stuff. It depends what you do with your PS3, if you keep all your music on it for instance. Plus some games will run better if they’re installed on the hard drive, they eat about 8GB each. Then videos and the usual media. Stuff you might download if you use your PS3 for surfing the net which I don’t. 40GB will work fine but you will probably have to delete stuff every now and then.

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