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Can i find out what i spent my xbox live microsoft points on?


i bought 1500 microsoft points, and i woke up the next day and i had 30 points left. i was at my cousins house at the time so im guessing it was him. is there a way i can find out what they were spent on?

eg; a game?

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  1. Theres a section where it is called “Recently Downloaded”. There you can find what your annoying cousins did to your money.

  2. Jason is right, but here’s how to get to it if you can’t work it out:

    Press the guide button to access the Guide.

    Go to the rightmost blade (Settings)

    Select “Account Management”

    Select “Download History”

    There you have a list of everything that has been downloaded, in order from most recent to oldest. You can download anything again there for free if you have accidentally deleted it, even things that are no longer available for purchase. Or indeed, see what mischievous cousins have been spending YOUR money on.

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