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40gb ps3 or 80gb ps3?


The only thing that sets me apart from these two is the fact that the 40gb ps3 has a 65 nm process whereas the 80gb has a normal 90 nm process. Does it really make the difference here? The 65 nm produces less heat.

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  1. if your gunna play your ps3 all the time, i would suggest 80 GB, if your only gunna play a lil or occasionally. 40GB

  2. well it depends if u use internet, if u get 40 it doesnt handle much downloads and i think that its slower, 80gb holds more but i think thats about it, not much of a real difference i think

  3. NM is not a factor here, it really just depends on what you mostly want, a lot of memory for songs, videos and photos and also all of the game installs and saved game data, or a PS3 that just plays a couple of games as you wont fit anymore than 7 games on a 40GB hard drive, so i would go with the 80GB PS3.

  4. Are you talking about old 80GB – yes it’s using 90nm, if new 80GB – it’s the same as 40GB. Newer versions not only generate less heat, but they consume less electricity.

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