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3D Video Games – Will They Become Mainstream?


If you have been following video games recently, then you probably have heard that 3D video gaming is coming. With recent events of Nintendo showing their new 3D handheld system and Sony showing off 3D video games on its PlayStation 3 platform, it is no surprise that 3D will eventually be a part of video games. However, with all this talk about games implementing 3D, the question is, will it become mainstream?

The answer to that question is yes, but not for a few years. Although Sony has already included 3D as a feature in one of its recent firmware updates on the PlayStation 3, it is not something that you will see happening in many households. It is most likely that around 1% of PlayStation 3 owners will make use of that feature.

3D games will probably make its stand in the next generation of video games. The main reason to this is not because it cannot be done because it certain can. The reason is because supporting televisions are too new and expensive. Many televisions cost thousands of dollars and consumers are not going to go out and buy a brand new TV just because they can play their games in 3D. This will not pick up until their costs go down which will happen in a couple of years. In a couple of years, the next generation of video game consoles will also come out which is why it will most likely be a big feature then and not now.

Nintendo is also supporting 3D in video games with its recently announced Nintendo 3DS. What separates this from everything else is the fact that you do not need to wear 3D glasses to when playing these games. However, this also won’t become mainstream yet as it will not hit shelves until 2011. In addition, it will probably cost a hefty amount as it needs to be powerful and 3D technology is not that cheap.

Even though it is not mainstream yet, 3D games will eventually become so. With support by two of the biggest video game console manufacturers and developers, it will be no surprise if you see this as a leading feature in the next generation of games.

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