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Xbox 360 Send it in = Get better one back?


If I were to buy one today and it failed and I send it in, they would give me the newest one.right?

The reason I’m askin is I wanna buy one and i heard that they are getting 65nm GPU’s in early ’08. But if i bought one 2day (one that still is very likely to overheat) and it failed say.in late January (and they had 65nm CPU & GPU’s ones out) would they give me the newer cooler, more reliable one? Cuz if ya then there is no real point of waiting right?

.I get that there is always a chance of getting a refurb or something. But to sum up what I’m asking is: When you send a Xbox 360 in do they send back the newest, best one or jus what u had b4?

Any opinions and/or links are valued.thx

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  1. I say follow your heart, cause there’s an x-box in it for you. I’m patient, to an extent, so I’d wait.

    If I had x-box money, that is.

  2. There’s a chance that you’ll get the newer model, but you’ll most likely get it repaired or a refurbished replacement that used to belong to someone else.

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