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Xbox 360 recommended mics &/or accessories?


So I’m planning on buying a 4GB Xbox 360 (slim) and I just want to know which Mic to get, even if it might already come with a mic. I’ve looked into the afterglow headset. but it seems there wasn’t as good feedback as i thought there would be.

So what are your thoughts on a good quality and priced headset/mic?

Please and Thank you for your time.

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  1. Gamestop has the cheapest one. I would buy the wireless mic that one has good sound for a mic that is $40.

  2. well you can get the AMPX headset its pretty good and its like a turtle beach its wired but only 30$ i found it at HHGREG here are the tech specs.

    Integrated Xbox live cable

    2 Full-Range 40mm speakers

    Magnet type Neodymium

    Frequency Response 16Hz 19KHz

    Usb powered

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